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Asghar Farhadi

The Past


An Iranian man deserts his French wife and her two children to return to his homeland. Meanwhile, his wife starts up a new relationship, a reality her husband confronts upon his wife's request for a divorce.

  • Director: Asghar Farhadi
  • Main Cast: Tahar Rahim, Bérénice Bejo, Ali Mosaffa
  • Soundtrack: Evgueni Galperine
  • Cinematography: Mahmoud Kalari
  • Screenplay: Asghar Farhadi

Original title in France is Le Passé.

  • Cinema Premiere: January 8, 2014

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8 reviews of The Past (2013)

  • 1. Moviezine
    10 / 10

    "The Past" is a gripping relationship drama about parenthood, guilt, jealousy and betrayal that stands the test of time. This is absolutely sensational! - Victoria Machmudov

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  • 2. Expressen
    10 / 10

    "The Past" is hypnotic, gripping and almost flawless. - Mats Bråstedt

    Swedish: »

  • 3. Göteborgs-Posten
    10 / 10

    "The Past" is a tangled, broken family story that grows into a masterfully crafted universal drama. - Maria Domellöf-Wik

    Swedish: »

  • 4. Fredrik Fyhr
    10 / 10

    Error-free, is the first word I will think of after seeing it. "The Past" is a flawless film. Every aspect of the film works. It's like a great emotional machine that generates empathy, sympathy, understanding and compassion.

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  • 5. Svenska Dagbladet
    8.3 / 10

    The intrigue would have become too multifaceted and complicated if the director had not been so nimble and compliant with both the camera and the actors. The strength lies in the glances, bodies, and subtext: long-term lovers hastily embrace each other with bodies that no longer fit together. - Hynek Pallas

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  • 6. SVT
    8 / 10

    The family theme is universal, Farhadi explained at the press conference in Cannes last spring. Everyone can relate to that situation, he said, regardless of what language the tender or hurtful words are spoken in. If you judge by his filmography, you can only agree. - Fredrik Sahlin

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  • 7. Filmeye
    8 / 10

    Asghar Farhadi, who also wrote the screenplay for the film, clearly conveys that it is a pity for all those involved in this story, not least the children. Even though he does not judge, he seems to want to show that what is right for some family members has consequences for others. - Jan-Eje Ferling

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  • 8. Uppsala Nya Tidning
    8 / 10

    A sovereign film that takes its starting point in the everyday and turns it into a relationship thriller. - Björn G Stenberg

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The Past has earned a total of 12 673 462 dollars from cinemas across the world (the global box office).