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David Leitch

The Fall Guy


Colt Seavers is a stuntman who left the business a year earlier to focus on both his physical and mental health. He's drafted back into service when the star of a mega-budget studio movie, which is being directed by his ex, goes missing.

  • Director: David Leitch
  • Main Cast: Emily Blunt, Ryan Gosling, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Stephanie Hsu
  • Soundtrack: Dominic Lewis
  • Cinematography: Jonathan Sela
  • Screenplay: Drew Pearce

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4 reviews of The Fall Guy (2024)

  • 1. Filmtopp
    10 / 10

    "The Fall Guy" is just as suitable for the romantic date as for the wonderful group of friends, as there is an endless amount of romance, plenty of action-packed excitement, and a good dose of humor. - Nathalie Leth

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  • 2. Moviezine
    6 / 10

    Those who want to see Ryan Gosling (well, it's really a stuntman, of course) jump to flying helicopters, fight with champagne bottles, slide behind cars in central Sydney and much more grandiose have a real party to look forward to. As a whole, however, this is a film that is easy to watch and easy to forget. - Anna Hedlin

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  • 3. Dagens Nyheter
    6 / 10

    "The Fall Guy" is a loving tribute to the stunt profession - Fredrik Sahlin

    Swedish: »

  • 4. Uppsala Nya Tidning
    6 / 10

    "The Fall Guy" is a dream for action lovers - Björn G Stenberg

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The Fall Guy has earned a total of 69 570 005 dollars from cinemas across the world (the global box office).