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In a future, post-apocalyptic Los Angeles brought about by nuclear decimation, citizens must live in underground bunkers to protect themselves from radiation, mutants and bandits.

  • Main Cast: Walton Goggins, Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten

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4 reviews of Fallout (2024)

  • 1. Ljud & Bild
    8.3 / 10

    The playful, bold humor grows on us, just like the outspoken characters. - Tor Aavatsmark

    Swedish: ljudochbild.se »

  • 2. Aftonbladet
    8 / 10

    It is an impressive, uninterrupted balancing act, with a sovereign ensemble. - Karolina Fjellborg

    Swedish: aftonbladet.se »

  • 3. Moviezine
    6 / 10

    "Fallout" series on Amazon Prime Video is still a step in the right direction for film adaptations of games that offer a delightfully bloody and charming, if somewhat uninspired and uneven, post-apocalyptic setting. - Anders Eklöf

    Swedish: moviezine.se »

  • 4. FZ
    6 / 10

    The first season of Fallout ends when it starts to pick up. If we had been allowed to become more emotionally engaged earlier, the episodic excursions would probably have hit the mark better, as we would have gotten to know the characters better, rather than the mild disenchantment or, at worst, filler that they are now. However, the very last thing we see in the series will give fans plenty of fuel for speculation about what season 2 might offer. - Joakim Kilman

    Swedish: fz.se »