Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood Trailer
Quentin Tarantino

Once Upon a Time ...in Hollywood


A faded TV actor and his stunt double strive to achieve fame and success in the film industry during the final years of the Hollywood Golden Age in 1969 Los Angeles.

  • Director: Quentin Tarantino
  • Main Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt
  • Cinematography: Robert Richardson
  • Screenplay: Quentin Tarantino

Original Title: Once Upon a Time in... Hollywood

  • Cinema Premiere: July 26, 2019

What do the critics think?


9 reviews of Once Upon a Time ...in Hollywood (2019)

  • 1. Senses
    10 / 10

    In summary, I can do nothing other than to give "Once Upon a Time ...in Hollywood" full credit, for this is a love story to the film industry without equal. - Henric Brandt

    Swedish: senses.se »

  • 2. SVT
    8 / 10

    It's film entertainment with a giant F, and with an ending that still legitimizes the aforementioned violence and actually even that anxious plea that we shouldn't reveal too much of the plot. In - Fredrik Sahlin

    Swedish: svt.se »

  • 3. Dagens Nyheter
    8 / 10

    With "Once Upon a Time ...in Hollywood", it seems that Quentin Tarantino wants to include everything he loves with the dream factory. There is something hypnotic about how he allows myth and reality to become one. - Kerstin Gezelius

    Swedish: dn.se »

  • 4. Aftonbladet
    8 / 10

    Despite a slow start, you leave just as satisfied as ever from a Tarantino film festival. - Jan-Olov Andersson

    Swedish: aftonbladet.se »

  • 5. Nöjesguiden
    8 / 10

    As the alcoholic former Rick is Leonardo DiCaprio studied and entertaining, but it is primarily Brad Pitt's Cliff who acts as a guide to Tarantino's colorful Hollywood. - Calle Wahlström

    Swedish: ng.se »

  • 6. Göteborgs-Posten
    Positiv, no rating

    Tarantino's patented mix of extreme violence and absurd humor still holds up well.

    Swedish: gp.se »

  • 7. Moviezine
    6 / 10

    His films are known for cool dialogue, intense soundtracks, dark humor, and a lot of violence. All of that is a part of "Once Upon a Time ...in Hollywood", where you can clearly see traces of all his previous films. But Tarantino is so self-aware of the recipe that what he serves feels quite expected and no longer as surprising. - Alexander Kardelo

    Swedish: moviezine.se »

  • 8. Filmtopp
    6 / 10

    "Once Upon a Time ...in Hollywood" has a somewhat interesting story. The problem is that this story takes up maybe an hour of the film's runtime. The rest of the movie consists of tributes to Hollywood. - Andreas Ziegler

    Swedish: filmtopp.se »

  • 9. Svenska Dagbladet
    5 / 10

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt are captivating to watch together, but almost every scene in the film desperately cries out for restraint. - Jan Söderqvist

    Swedish: svd.se »

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