Marinette Marinette Trailer
Virginie Verrier


Biopic of Marinette Pichon, first french female soccer player to sign on to the American professional league, record-woman in number of goals per game and selections for the French national team.

  • Director: Virginie Verrier
  • Main Cast: Émilie Dequenne, Fred Testot
  • Soundtrack: Jean-Fabien Dijoud
  • Cinematography: Xavier Dolléans
  • Screenplay: Virginie Verrier, Marinette Pichon
  • Cinema Premiere: June 11, 2023

What do the critics think?


4 reviews of Marinette (2023)

  • 1. Kulturbloggen
    8 / 10

    Marinette goes straight to the heart and her love for football is contagious.

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  • 2. Aftonbladet
    6 / 10

    A typical example of the inspiring sports biography

    Swedish: »

  • 3. Sydsvenskan
    6 / 10

    The story of Marinette grips the reader

    Swedish: »

  • 4. Svenska Dagbladet
    5 / 10

    The film is very interested in her career and a little too little in her life outside the plan.

    Swedish: »

World-Wide Box Office Revenue

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Marinette has earned a total of 331 108 dollars from cinemas across the world (the global box office).