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Brad Bird

The Incredibles 2


The Incredibles family takes on a new mission which involves a change in family roles: Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) must manage the house while his wife Helen (Elastigirl) goes out to save the world.

  • Director: Brad Bird
  • Main Cast: Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Craig T. Nelson, Sarah Vowell, Huck Milner
  • Soundtrack: Michael Giacchino
  • Screenplay: Brad Bird

Original Title: Incredibles 2

  • Cinema Premiere: June 15, 2018

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1 reviews of The Incredibles 2 (2018)

  • 1. Moviezine
    8 / 10

    The nearly two hours go by quite quickly, and the movie keeps the children's attention fully! You are immediately immersed in the plot, but the second hour, I think, reaches even greater heights and offers more laughs. - Annika Andersson

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The Incredibles 2 has earned a total of 1 243 225 667 dollars from cinemas across the world (the global box office).