El Conde El Conde Trailer
Pablo Larraín

El Conde


Centers on Augusto Pinochet who is not dead but an aged vampire. After living 250 years in this world, he has decided to die once and for all.

  • Director: Pablo Larraín
  • Main Cast: Alfredo Castro, Gloria Münchmeyer, Jaime Vadell
  • Cinematography: Edward Lachman
  • Screenplay: Guillermo Calderón, Pablo Larraín
  • Cinema Premiere: September 1, 2023

What do the critics think?


4 reviews of El Conde (2023)

  • 1. Sydsvenskan
    10 / 10

    Masterful horror comedy about Pinochet as a vampire

    Swedish: sydsvenskan.se »

  • 2. Dagens Nyheter
    6 / 10

    "The Count" is worth seeing, but despite its imaginative twists, it mostly feels like a history lesson.

    Swedish: dn.se »

  • 3. Moviezine
    4 / 10

    I'm sure it was fun for Larraín and his co-author Guillermo Calderón to indulge in fantasies and creative ideas about retribution during the process. But it does little good. For despite an interesting premise, the result remains half-baked.

    Swedish: moviezine.se »

  • 4. FLM
    No Rating

    Oscar Westerholm sees a humorous, vampiric attempt to process Chile's political trauma after Pinochet.

    Swedish: flm.nu »