Dune: Part 1 Dune: Part 1 Trailer
Denis Villeneuve

Dune: Part 1


Feature adaptation of Frank Herbert's science fiction novel about the son of a noble family trying to avenge his father's death while saving a spice planet that he is entrusted to protect.

  • Director: Denis Villeneuve
  • Main Cast: Rebecca Ferguson, Dave Bautista, Jason Momoa, Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet
  • Soundtrack: Hans Zimmer
  • Cinematography: Greig Fraser
  • Screenplay: Jon Spaihts, Denis Villeneuve, Eric Roth, Frank Herbert

Original Title: Dune: Part One

  • Cinema Premiere: October 22, 2021

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World-Wide Box Office Revenue

Box Office

Dune: Part 1 has earned a total of 433 790 080 dollars from cinemas across the world (the global box office).